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Embroidery from Line Drawings

Like so many of you, my children are home working on computers to complete their schoolwork each day. I’m either incredibly mean or the most amazing mom ever (depends on who you ask on what day) but I also have a daily creativity requirement. Somedays we’re drawing, other days we’re learning how to create apps…

Reflective Drawings
with Watercolor Markers

Watercolors are one of our favorite media at TinkerSpace. It is accessible to all from early preschoolers on but can be used with sophistication to create satisfying works of art by older children and adults. Sometimes, as in this project, we don’t even need to pull out the watercolors … Crayola Markers work even better.…

Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re going on a Bear Hunt! Across the country, communities are finding ways to get together while they stay apart. My Facebook feed is full of families saying they are taking their young ones (and some not so young) on Bear Hunts. People are placing stuffed bears in their windows for others to find. I…

Cardboard Cakes

Cardboard Cakes

As we navigate being “safer at home” many people are turning to baking and crafts as they have more family time. Why not combine the two? Let’s all make some cardboard cakes. Entire cakes, slices of cake, cupcakes … there is no end to your cardboard confection possibilities. Making the Cake Slice — A Math…

Clothespin Butterfly Automata

Butterfly Clothespin Automata
A Video Tutorial

We love automata here at TinkerSpace. They are such a fun way of exploring mechanisms. This piece of Spring is made on a clothespin so most of the mechanism is already made for you … all it needs is your creativity. The video below shows you all you need to make some new springtime friends.…

Engineering Challenge showing an apple wrecking ball

Meeting the Challenge with Engineering Challenges

Safety with Familiarity When thinking about engineering challenges, it is interesting to watch kids interact with TinkerSpace. The vast majority of repeat visitors start with something they have done before. New visitors often start at the LEGO table. These activities are known, they are comfortable, they are safe. While working on these activities, they are…

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