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Harry Potter Care of Magical Creatures (Distance Learning) Class

July 27 - September 30

 Care of Magical Creatures (Distance Learning) Class

Encounter Bowtruckles! Be careful, Hagrid has a new Dragon that seems to be Eyeing you! You’ll want to read carefully in your Monster Book of Monsters! Of course, you will need to have Wands at the Ready and use Owls to Deliver your Mail!

  • Care of Magical Creatures Activity Kits – Buy just the project you want or get ALL of your supplies for class. Activity Kits come with materials, instructions, and free access to our virtual Open TinkerTimes.
  • Care of Magical Creatures Class — Friday, September 25th  3:00 pm – 4:30 pm PDT. Join us for the distance learning Care of Magical Creatures class. Finish off your projects, play Harry Potter Games, stir up a potion to help care for our creatures, and design your own dragon!

Choose your Way to Play!


Make friends … literally. Just as Pickett was Newt Scamander’s special friend, this adorable guy (or gal) made from pipe cleaners and silk leaves can be yours. $6 ($4 for members click here)

Cardboard Tube Owl

Owls are magical in both the muggle and wizarding worlds. Make sure you have your own network of communication and make your own beautiful snowy owl. $8 ($5 for members click here)

Monster Book of Monsters

This beast is easy to tame … just stroke its spine! Your version holds a block of post-it notes to jot down Care of Magical Creatures notes or anything else you need to remember. $10 ($7 for members click here)


A wizard needs her wand! Ollivander’s Wand Shop is the first stop for any First-Year Hogwart’s student when they arrive at Diagon Alley. Design your own with TinkerSpace. $8 ($5 for members click here)

Dragon Eye

Dragon’s sleep with one eye open! Be on the lookout for a half-cracked eye … you never know what Hagrid might have brought home this time. Learn a simple technique to add depth and dimension to your dragon eye. $6 ($4 for members click here)

Care of Magical Creatures (CoCM) Live Class

Join us for our next (Distance Learning) Care of Magical Creatures class. Finish off and share any of the projects you’ve purchased, play Harry Potter Games, stir up a potion to help care for our creatures (fizz powder included in your kit), make your house tie, join in the house-elf revolution with your own Dobby ears, and design your own dragon! Purchase all 5 kits listed above and join us at no additional charge. We’ll include all of your supplies for class when you pick up your kits.

Kit Option

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We are HERE to Help

All Take-Home TinkerKits have instructions. But, TinkerSpace has always been about communal making experiences. Everyone at TinkerSpace works on their own project while receiving guidance from TinkerSpace staff and inspiration from other people’s work, With our Virtual Open TinkerTime, we’ve taken this idea to the Zoom platform. Set up your computer (or other Zoom capable device) at a work table, gather your supplies, and make with a community. TinkerSpace staff and other participants of the TinkerTime are available to offer advice and guidance and you can be inspired by what others are making. See the registration form for our upcoming Virtual Open TinkerTimes.

If you select the Care of Magical Creatures (CoCM) class, we will send you an email with additional information to get you ready for our class on Friday!

How do I get my kits?

When you finish your checkout process, you will be given a choice of shipping ($8) or in-store pickup (free). You should be taken to a webform where you can let us know how you would like to receive your TinkerKits. Click Here if you are not taken automatically.

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