Why Tinker?

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Play is the work of childhood.

~ Jean Piaget

TinkerSpace allows kids to explore, create and innovate using real tools and known materials. TinkerSpace encourages activities that are open-ended and iterative. We've created these experiences to better prepare children for a world that is constantly changing, particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. It is more important than ever to teach children how to think rather than simply teach solutions to specific problems.

Our goal for our tinkerers is to have them deeply engaged in the experience and displaying personal motivation and investment in the activities. Tinkerers set their own goals and persist to achieve them.


TinkerSpace helps to establish a pattern of questioning:

What happens if ...? How does this work ...? How can I change this ...?What happens if ...? How does this work ...? How can I change this ...?
We are developing our future generation of Engineers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators in all aspects of life.