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Events at TinkerSpace

TinkerSpace has closed again due to the Pandemic. You can still Tinker with us!

  • Free daily invitation to tinker (Monday through Friday 9:00 am) on Facebook.
  • Virtual Open TinkerTime (Click Here to Register)
  • Take-Home TinkerKits
  • Special Virtual Events

Wobble Bot — Electronics Guided TinkerTime

Once you learn how to wire a circuit with a motor and a battery, your options are endless! Join our new series of Guided TinkerTimes where we explore electronic circuits. Make a Wobble Bot! With your motor slightly off-balance, your creation will wobble and move. Use this technique to make a fun creature or turn…

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Under The Sea

Sharks? Mermaids? What do we see under the sea? Play along at home with all our standard Shark Week activities plus add more under the sea adventure with some mermaid fun. Under the Sea Activity Kits – Choose a mermaid or shark theme (or both). Activity Kits come with materials, instructions, and free access to…

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Harry Potter Care of Magical Creatures (Distance Learning) Class

 Care of Magical Creatures (Distance Learning) Class Encounter Bowtruckles! Be careful, Hagrid has a new Dragon that seems to be Eyeing you! You’ll want to read carefully in your Monster Book of Monsters! Of course, you will need to have Wands at the Ready and use Owls to Deliver your Mail! Care of Magical Creatures…

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Take Home TinkerKits

TinkerSpace may be closed due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop creating! We have put together kits of our more popular activities for you to pick up and work on in the comfort of your own home. Kits come with everything you need plus supplies for tinkering with the project.…

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Virtual TinkerTime

While TinkerSpace is closed due to the pandemic, we are pleased to offer Virtual TinkerTime through Zoom several times a week.

These TinkerTime activities are not intended to teach a complicated technique or give step-by-step directions. They are a time to get together, share ideas, and make something.


Ongoing Classes

All classes are temporarily suspended! Be sure to join our email list to be kept up to date on offerings over the next several weeks.

Tinker Time with an Engineering Focus - Learn about electronics, simple machines, and other technology to use in your creativity pack.
TinkerTime with an Art Focus - Explore color theory and design principles.
Coding with LEGO Robotics - Use the LEGO EV3 robot to learn programming concepts.
Math Circle -- Join a group of mathematical-minded peers to explore logic puzzles and mathematical problem solving.
Stop-Motion Animation -- Explore stop-motion techniques to add depth and emotion to your movie-making.
Saturday STEAM --A parent participation STEAM class for our youngest tinkerers.

Classes are offered in a small group setting. Parents are welcome, even encouraged to stay and support their children, however, we ask that tinkerers\' creative abilities be respected and that they are allowed to make their projects their own.

Students under the age of 8 must have a parent/guardian remain on the premises for the duration of each class. (Stand-Alone Workshops that are not part of a class require parent supervision for all children under 10).  Students enrolled in multiple classes with no more than a 15-minute gap between them may stay at TinkerSpace between activities. Otherwise, students must be picked up promptly at the end of class.

Workshops and Special Events

September 2020

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Cardboard Cakes

Birthday Parties

In-person TinkerSpace birthday parties are on hold currently while we work to reopen under appropriate social distancing guidelines. We are able to host virtual Birthday Parties on Zoom. Please contact us for more details.

Field Trips

In-person TinkerSpace field trips are on hold right now as we work to reopen under the current social distancing guidelines. We have great success with our virtual TinkerTimes and we are happy to host a virtual field trip for your group (or even just a special TinkerTime for friends). Please contact us for more information.

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