May the Creativity Be With You: Craft with Your Family in a Star Wars Adventure!”

May 2, 2023

Star Wars encourages creativity through its rich and imaginative universe. From the early days of the original trilogy to the recent sequels and spin-offs, Star Wars has inspired fans to create their own versions of the universe, characters, and technology. The franchise is full of unique creatures, planets, and technology, which provide endless inspiration for artists, writers, and designers. Fans have created their own fan fiction, fan art, and even fan films, which have become an integral part of the Star Wars community.

Let Star Wars inspire your family to create and tinker!

Start by gathering a variety of interesting materials such as cardboard boxes, paper tubes, fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, and other safe and age-appropriate materials. Look under each project heading for some specific materials to have on hand. Make sure to have supplies that are appropriate for children to use on their own at their respective ages. Play dough, tape, glue sticks, school glue, tacky glue, and hot glue are all good adhesives.

When presenting the materials, it can be helpful to arrange them in an appealing way to catch your family’s attention. Consider setting them out on a table or in baskets, and include a sign or a card that says something like “Join the Tinkering Rebellion” or “Drawn to the Creative Side of the Force You Are”

It’s important to remember that children (including teenagers) are more likely to sit and make for longer periods of time if the adults also sit down to create alongside them.  Even while working on individual projects, we are all inspired by other’s creativity.

As the children work on their creations, it’s important to put aside any preconceived notions of what they will make. Instead, use those notions to create your own project alongside them. Encourage them to explore their own creativity and praise the process they are using, rather than just focusing on the end result. This can help children to develop a sense of pride in their work and an appreciation for the process of tinkering and creating.


Greeting Cards. Art is meant to be shared. Draw a scene. Illustrate a Star Wars joke. Draw your favorite character. Materials: Folded Cardstock, at least three different art supplies: paints, sharpies, crayola markers, crayons, pencils, paint pens, papers and lightweight materials to glue on the card. If you want to make a light-up card, be sure to have LEDs, copper tape, and button batteries.

Droids. There is no wrong way to make a droid. These fun droids use a dixie cup as a base but you could use paper cut-outs (2D Droids), play dough, air dry clay, or cardboard tubes. Materials: In addition to the bases mentioned, be sure to have foil, beads, straws, egg cartons, and other lightweight objects to glue on.


Cardboard Tube Space Craft. Make a pod racer on a wheeled base (a pull-back car is best) or tape together tubes to make an X-wing. Can you use paper plates to make the Millenium Falcon? You may want to have some pictures on hand for reference in this part. Materials: Cardboard, long and short cardboard tubes, straws, tape, wire, tissue paper, and beads.

LEGO Challenges. Use toys you already have in the house. LEGO starships. Using toys or homemade costumes, try filming a scene from one of the movies.

Rock Painting. Use craft paints and paint pens to make your Star Wars themed rocks. Find a public place to leave them where you will make someone smile.

Remember that you can put the supplies out and present a themed invitation, but what gets made might not resemble anything you recognize as Star Wars related. THAT’S OKAY! Let what happens,  happen.


Star Wars Day (May the 4th) holds a special place in TinkerSpace’s history. Our very first day open to paying customers was May 4, 2018. We put ourselves out there with no idea if anyone would come … and they did! Playing with motors to make our own droids, freeing LEGO pieces from “Carbonite” (AKA frozen baking soda solution), and making cardboard spacecraft were highlights of the day … along with starting long relationships with amazing customers.

It is fitting that our first mobile event will be held through the Upland Recreation program on May 4th, 2023. We’re making Pod Racers on pull-back car bases. Join us if you are local.



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