Going on a Bear Hunt

March 25, 2020

We’re going on a Bear Hunt! Across the country, communities are finding ways to get together while they stay apart. My Facebook feed is full of families saying they are taking their young ones (and some not so young) on Bear Hunts. People are placing stuffed bears in their windows for others to find. I love literature and STEAM connections.

  • Make a map of your neighborhood and mark your journey and where you spotted bears.
  • Make a map of the path the family takes in the story.
  • Walk the same path each day and keep track of the number of bears you find. Make a bar graph. Does it stay the same each day or does the number of bears continue to grow? (Here’s some growth of a “viral” idea we can all get behind.)
  • Make some cardboard tube binoculars (instructions below).
  • Make a paper bear to put in your window for others to see.
  • Make bear thank you cards to leave for your friends with bears to let them know you appreciate their playing along.

Cardboard Tube Binoculars
Hang on to those empty toilet paper rolls… there is a lot of fantastic making that can occur when supplies are on hand. For these binoculars, Cut a strip of paper (about 3″ wide) and glue it around your tubes. [I love Aleene’s Tacky Glue]. Poke holes on both sides of your binoculars and attache a piece of yarn (or string, or ribbon, or anything else you have in your house). Now you’re ready to go on your Bear Hunt!


Check out that bear!!!!!!


Let’s Make Some Bears!
Now that you’re ready to find some bears, let’s also make some for others to spot as they walk your neighborhood! Choose your favorite and place it in your window. Remember to make it big so it can be seen from the sidewalk.

Heart bear craft for kids





You’ll notice that the links above are to Valentines posts. It seems to me that what this word needs right now (in addition to more bears) is love.


Paddington Bear Crafts - TP Roll Bear & Matchbox #Paddington #Paddingtonbear #paddingtonbearcrafts #tprolls


This Paddington Bear, while probably not big enough to place in your window, is too cute not to share. Just a friendly reminder to save those toilet paper rolls.

Other Ideas for Your Walks
Walks around the neighborhood are great! But when you’ve been down the same streets a few times, you might need something to keep your mind occupied. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Geocaching — check out what’s available in your neighborhood on geocaching.com
  • Chalk Walks — You can decorate your sidewalk for others to see. You can also leave messages of love for your neighbors to see.
  • Nature Collecting — pressed flowers, leaf art, acorn crafts … what can you do with the nature in your neighborhood?
  • Scavenger Hunts — You can make a list of objects to find or go on a color scavenger hunt. Do you have any paint chips lying around? If not, get out the Crayola crayons and make a grid of colors. Can you find objects (man-made or natural) that match each one?

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How are you getting fresh air? What are you noticing in your neighborhood? We miss talking to you as you come into TinkerSpace. Please share with us here!

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